Metro Communications Agency 911 Audio/Records Request

General Information:

  •  **IMPORTANT** **IMPORTANT** Metro Communications handles 911 calls and dispatch services within the City of Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County. Audio recording requests outside of this area need to be forwarded to the appropriate agency for that jurisdiction.
  • Audio recordings are retained for a time period of two years. Requests for audio recordings from incidents more than two years old from the current date are unable to be processed.
  • Audio recordings are not available until 3 business days from the date of the incident.
  • The South Dakota Constitution provides crime victims with certain rights, including a right to an opportunity to prevent disclosure of certain records that may be used to locate or harass the victim, and including a right to be notified of any request for a record containing such information. Because of these constitutional protections, requests for such records may be denied, redacted or have longer processing times.
  • You must explain, in detail, the public interest (the reason why you are requesting this) for this recording. Public disclosure must outweigh non-disclosure for the recording to be released.


  • The minimum fee for audio recordings is $40.00/hour, plus tax per request. Payment must be made check or money order. Cash and credit cards are not accepted. If a CD is requested or needed an additional $2.00 fee will be charged.


  • All recordings will be emailed unless a CD is specifically requested or if the file is too large to send by email.
  • If a CD is made, you will be notified when available for pickup. Pickup address is 500 N Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for requests to be completed.

Scope of Use:

  • By registering this request for records from Metro Communications, the requesting party agrees that any materials received will be used only for the limited purpose represented by it on the records request form, and agrees that any further dissemination of materials exceeds the scope of the release by Metro, and may be enjoined or sanctioned as provided by law.

Submitting a Request:
1. Complete the attached Audio Request Form
2. Deliver the form by-

  • Emailing using the "submit" button included on the form (when completing on www.911metro.org website)
  • Mailing to Metro Communications 500 N Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls SD, 57104
  • Manually emailing to audiorequest@911metro.org
  • Faxing to 605-367-7854

3. If a subpoena is required as part of the request, please email the subpoena to audiorequest@911metro.org

Contact Information:

  • For further questions regarding Audio Requests call 605-367-7218 or email audiorequests@911metro.org

*If you are an attorney, but are not court appointed to represent your client, you will be assessed/must remit sales tax for all services & fees billed for this request.

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Metro Communications Agency 911 Audio Request
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