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  • Superior Performance Awards
  • Exceptional & Life Saving
  • Stork Club
  • ENP
  • RPL

Superior Performance Awards

Superior Performance Awards 2022

Recognition for these awards is determined through a nomination process by fellow employees. The Director and Deputy Director then review the nominations and select those to be recognized during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in April.  

Awards are given for:

  1. Communications Operator
  2. Advanced Communications Operator
  3. Shift Supervisor/Coordinator

Exceptional & Life Saving

Exceptional Service Award and Life Saving Award

Recognition in this category is for employees who have gone "above and beyond" the normal requirements of their duties, and demonstrated exceptional service or performance in the handling of a single incident.  Nominations may be submitted to the Director for consideration.

  • Life Saving Award - exceptional performance or prompt and alert action in the handling of an incident, the result of which directly impacted the saving of a life.
  • Exceptional Service Award - exceptional performance and handling of an incident well beyond that which is expected, maintaining composure when confronted with a highly volatile situation, and continuing to perform well in accordance with acceptable stands of conduct.
  • Director's Commendations - This award may be presented under any of the following criteria:
    • For an act giving evidence of selfless conduct by an employee during a time of crisis or emergency
    • For a notable performance during an event or situation in which the employee demonstrates commitment and professionalism.
    • Based on recommendation from any source.

On 10/25/2016 A-shift handled on of those "once-a-career" type calls.  On 11/30/2016 they were honored by SFPD for their amazing work saving a kidnapping victim.  The quick thinking of Chelsea and the rest of the team were able to track the abductor and victim and guide the responding units to a safe recovery.  Chelsea was presented the Exceptional Service Award, and the rest of the shift received the Life Saving Award for their collective efforts.


Exceptional Service Award

Life Saving Award
Teresa, Tyler, Bob, Robyn, Jason, Dustin, and Lenora

Stork Club

Stork Club

Stork Club

Membership is presented to any employee who provides Pre-Arrival Instructions assisting in the delivery of a child. This can be one of the most stressful and rewarding calls in the telecommunicators career. Recipients are awarded with a special symbol in the center on a ever changing tree of various achievements. 

Recent Stork Club Members:

Jon delivered a baby on 01/23/2020

Nathan delivered a baby on 11/02/2020

Robyn delivered a baby on 03/22/2021

Ryan delivered a baby on 05/08/2021

Bethy delivered a baby on 07/04/2021

Katie delivered a baby on 10/07/2021

Nathan delivered a baby on 12/22/2021



Emergency Number Professional (ENP)

ENP certification is a tool of professional association to establish the benchmarks of performance that will signify a broad-based competence in the professional field.  Successful candidates will demonstrate a mastery of the comprehensive knowledge base required for emergency number program management. They help raise industry standards and increase the respect and prestige of those involved in 9-1-1. They confirm their commitment to the 9-1-1 profession by showing to be a leader in public safety and pledging yourself to stay aware of current issues and developments in the field.  Metro is proud to employ 5 of the 11 certified ENPs in the state of South Dakota.

  Matt Tooley Aimee Chase
  Jennifer Harrison Jason Meyer
  Tim Schleis  


Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL)

APCO's Registered Public-Safety Leader program is a comprehensive 12-month online program consisting of course work and service projects. By successfully completing this program, the student will earn the designation of the RPL and receive acceptance into the APCO Institute National Registry of Public-Safety Leaders, a formal and prestigious acknowledgement of excellence within our industry. Metro has 6 RPL registered staff out of the approximate 1300 in the world.

Aimee Chase Tim Schleis  
Justin Faber ‌Matt Tooley  
Jennifer Helgeson Taylor Wegner  
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