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Dispatchers are the first to answer a call for help and the link to getting an appropriate response dispatched in as little time as possible. In many cases of emergencies, the dispatcher is the first- 1st responder and, in all cases of public safety, the dispatcher is the lifeline to field personnel. Metro Communications provides extensive training and continued education for all employees.


New Recruit Training:


 New recruits spend approximately 840 hours in training - this roughly equates to completing 21 weeks in training before working independently in the 9-1-1 Center.


 During training, recruits rotate between the classroom and dispatch center to fully capitalize on the skills required to perform competently as a dispatcher.


 The classroom instruction is delivered by the Training Coordinator while training in the 911 center is conducted by Certified Training Officers.


 The Training Officers monitor all transmissions and phone calls handled by the recruit in the 911 Center until they have successfully completed the program.


 All Metro Communications recruits must attend the 2 week Basic 911 Academy in Pierre, South Dakota for state certification within the first year of employment.


 Dispatchers must also obtain Emergency Medical Dispatch Certification. This certification is required to handle medical emergencies in the 911 Center.

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Continued Education:


 Continued education is provided to all dispatch employees on a weekly basis. Employees also receive quarterly in service training that emphasizes on topics relevant to their daily responsibilities in an effort to help them stay sharp and maintain their efficiency in this ever changing profession.

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