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Our dispatch center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is split into three different 8 hour shifts.  The 8 hour shifts run 0600 to 1400, 1400 to 2200, and 2200 to 0600.  The staffing levels of these shifts will vary according to call volume and events occurring in the area.  Shifts are staffed with highly trained personnel who are able to work any of the dispatch positions in the center.  There are currently 6 shift supervisors, 10 training officers, and 21 dispatchers.


Within Metro Communications, there is a select group of Tactical Dispatchers.  These Tactical Dispatchers respond directly to the scene of critical incidents such as hostage situations, suicidal subjects, and high risk warrants with the deployment of the SWAT and Crisis Negotiation teams.  Tactical Dispatchers are primarily responsible for providing accurate and timely documentation, tracking resource status and handling all communications regarding the event.  Currently, the TDT trains with the Sioux Falls Police Department and Minnehaha County SWAT teams an average of six times per year.


Quality Assurance Emergency Medical Dispatch

Metro Communications utilizes the Priority Dispatch emergency medical dispatch protocol for all medical calls for service.  This program gives dispatchers established, tested protocols to follow for any medical situation.  Dispatchers will determine resource utilization based on answers to a series of questions related to the chief complaint of the patient.  Life saving instructions are also given following this protocol, including CPR, AED, childbirth, and bleeding control.


The National Academy of Emergency Dispatch has established key performance indicators and standards that are measured by reviewing medical calls utilizing a scoring criteria provided by the National Academy.  Metro Communications continues to meet and exceed those standards monthly.

Metro Communications is an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE).  This distinction is awarded by the National Academy of Dispatch to dispatch centers that demonstrate a high standard of patient care and meet the requirements of a self-study outlined in the Twenty Points of Excellence.  Metro Communications first became accredited August 2000.  Metro was the 45th center in the world to become accredited.  This re-accreditation is completed every three years and Metro Communications will be completing their third re-accreditation in November 2009.



Area and Agencies Served

Metro Communications works with the following agencies to provide services for approximately 190,000 residents, employees and visitors  in Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County.  Our dispatch area includes all of Minnehaha County (814 square miles) and that portion of Lincoln County which lies within the city limits of Sioux Falls (12.06 square miles.)

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